Monsterdyke review

Starting with a quirky quote from a Tumblr user, Monsterdyke is an exploration of trans-lesbian love with a few added surprises.

Stylishly shot in black and white on 16mm, the film looks stunning and has the feel of a true exploitation film.

We follow a trans person who is being hit on via voicemails whilst constructing her own clay ‘monster’ for lack of a better term. The monster feels like a mix of the ¬†Maschinenmensch from Metropolis, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, with added tentacles, because why not?

Given the film is clearly working off zero budget, this is stellar stuff and has the feel of early David Lynch and body horror.

Monsterdyke is bold and bizarre filmmaking. Filmmakers Kaye Adelaide, and Mariel Sharp are definitely ones to keep an eye on.

Monsterdyke screened as part of the Soho Horror Film Festival: Pride Edition.

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