I finally watched Cannibal Holocaust…

After much deliberation, morbid curiosity got me to finally watch Cannibal Holocaust.

Directed by Italian filmmaker Ruggero Deodato, the film has gained a level of notoriety that still remains over 40 years since its release – but was it what I was expecting?

Yes and no.

On one hand it has some truly horrific imagery, mostly down to its animal cruelty, which we all know now actually did take place. The culmination of this is the slaughter of an innocent turtle.

The cannibal aspect itself is kept largely under its cap, but when it does rear its ugly head it doesn’t hold back.

What I will say about the film though, is that it is unwavering in its vision, whether you agree with the content or not. Shot on location forests of Columbia, the film has an authenticity to it, and anyone who has seen the Shudder Cursed Films episode will know how much the cast were put through the ringer whilst filming this.

It’s found footage before found footage was a thing, and its not hard to see why some thought this was a genuine snuff film that someone had made.

It’s no surprise it made its way onto the video nasty list, but in this supposedly more liberal time it is readily available on blu ray from studios such as Shameless Films.

What was interesting about Cannibal Holocaust is how intelligent it was in identifying the ‘white man’ ignorance to other cultures and painting our supposed protagonists as the real villains of the piece. The narrative is effectively flipped the further we go on, and when they do get their comeuppance for some horrendous behaviour you are almost cheering for the tribes from the jungles.

Cannibal Holocaust is powerfully filmmaking but given its more unsavoury elements I don’t think its one I will rewatch anytime soon. Having said this, I can’t deny its important place in horror history.

Cannibal Holocaust is now available on blu ray from Shameless Films.

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