Dashcam (2022) review

Writing trio Rob Savage, Jed Shepherd and Gemma Hurley have teamed up again following the runaway success of Host.

Remaining in a found footage adjacent narrative, Dashcam follows an American influencer who goes to see a friend in England at the height of the Covid pandemic. After a chance encounter, she gets more than she bargained for, as do her Livestream audience.

The most interesting choice here is to make our central protagonist deeply obnoxious, from MAGA hats to anti-vax sentiments, this feels like a deliberate choice on Savage’s part.

What happens when you follow someone deeply unlikeable and they are put in peril? Well, Dashcam will show you.

After a bumpy start Dashcam really hits its stride and feels like a distant cousin of something like REC, and has plenty of cringeworthy moments and plenty of aces up its sleeve.

Like many found-footage films, if you can handle the shaky cam and frantic nature of the narrative, Dashcam is a worthy follow-up to Host.

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