The Cannon Film Guide Vol. 1 by Austin Trunick review

When it comes to film history, Cannon Films holds a special place in many people’s hearts.

The studio that produced those Chuck Norris movies and the Death Wish sequels, was their calling card, but there’s much more to The Go-Go Boys.

This extensive chronicle of their weird and diverse output between 1980 and 1984 gives you unfiltered interviews from the people who were there, tonnes of promotional materials plus enough anecdotes to fill the pacific ocean.

Seriously, the amount of detail from Trunick here is truly astounding.

For horror fans, Cannon was involved in slashers such as X-Ray and New Year’s Evil plus the excellent 10 to Midnight, starring Charles Bronson.

Their place in exploitation and pure rip-off cinema cannot be denied, and just going through some of the bonkers plots (I’m looking at you Young Warriors) is worth the purchase fee alone.

The fact that this covers five years of Cannon Films is pure insanity, so god only knows what Volume 2 of this series holds.

A must-read for genre, exploitation and film historians.

The Cannon Film Guide Volume 1 by Austin Trunick is available now from BearManor Media.

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