Jaws III: Monster review

As we mentioned in a previous article, Jaws III, despite being trashed by critics has gained a cult audience over the past 39 years.

One such fan James Welch took it upon himself to take a fresh look at the film and edit the parts he wasn’t fond of.

While large parts of the plot remain intact, Welch has looked at some the cringeworthy 3D shark scenes and edited in real and CGI shark footage, which does improve some scenes.

There is also the addition of a side plot involving a giant squid in the water park which also provides a brand new ending which adds another facet to the overall story.

Welch said he wanted to lean into the B movie elements of the film and it certainly made Jaws III more entertaining, coming from someone who ranks it as the worst Jaws movie.

Watch the trailer for Jaws III: Monster below –

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