Support indie horror Eating Miss Campbell

Horror-comedy Eating Miss Campbell has announced a crowdfunding campaign on Indie GoGo.

Eating Miss Campbell follows vegan-goth high school student Beth Conner, who falls into a taboo relationship with her new English teacher, Miss Campbell and soon develops a problematic taste for human flesh.

Unable to commit suicide without the help of a loaded handgun, Beth finds herself destined to live inside a 90s cliché-laden horror film .

When a patriarchal school board auctions the rights to live stream the inaugural “All You Can Eat Massacre” contest (where the winner is awarded a loaded handgun) Beth finally finds a way to escape horror movies for good!

Beth must find a way to win the contest, save her high school from a mass tragedy, blow her brains out and suppress her appetite from eating Miss Campbell.

Eating Miss Campbell is a dark-satirical-horror-comedy take on the teen-high school genre, made popular by movies like Heathers (1989), Jawbreaker (1999) and Mean Girls (2004). Along with nonsensical violence and tongue in cheek social commentary dealing with veganism, cannibalism, teenage suicide and school shootings.

Find out all the perks of the campaign on Indie GoGo.

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