Shark Bait review

While shark attack films are dime a dozen these days, with the recent releases of Great White and the truly dreadful From Below aka The Requin, sometimes we can discover a diamond in the rough.

James Nunn’s Shark Bait does not reinvent the formula for these type of films, it certainly revels in its limitations.

Nunn knows what makes a good shark attack film and tries to create as much tension as possible plus he has actually taken the care to make his shark look largely believable.

We follow a group of five friends who steal a couple of jet skis after a night of drinking in Mexico, in what turns out to be their last Spring Break; so what better way to celebrate?

When they have a collision at sea, their situation gets worse when a big Great White Shark proceeds to stalk and chomp them.

The attack sequences are largely well crafted and there is even a couple of decent jump scares.

Holly Earl shines as our main protagonist Nat, who is thrust into a leadership role despite having to deal with domestic drama amongst all the fishy business. She is resourceful, brave and refuses to give in even when the deck is supremely stacked against her.

Nunn and writer Nick Saltrese clearly revel in putting our protagonists in nerve shredding scenarios and let us know figure out if they will get out of them in one piece.

As I mentioned at the start, there may not be enough originality here but Shark Bait is extremely entertaining and hits all the right notes to land on the good pile of recent shark attack movies.


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