The Northman review

Robert Eggers returns with his largest-scale film to date.

The Northman, goes on another level to The VVitch and The Lighthouse, creating an epic revenge thriller on an epic level.

We follow the journey of Amleth, the son of a king in Scandinavia, who is exiled after his father’s murder, vowing revenge for his untimely demise.

Fast forward 20 odd years later, Amleth is a fully grown beast, adopted by a group of mercenaries and is bloodthirsty and ready to take their revenge.

In terms of performance, Alexander Skarsgard is spectacular as the grown Amleth who is imposing and at times quite scary. This is a man who will literally make a tableau of people who get in his way.

On the flipside, Claes Bang, who many will recognise from the fairly recent BBC Dracula series, plays an equally fantastic adversary to Amleth. Nicole Kidman also turns up in a surprisingly unhinged cameo, which is an absolute delight.

The fight sequences feel plucked out of something like Game of Thrones, plus there is even a cameo from the actor who played the Mountain in the HBO series.

The cinematography and world-building here are truly spectacular too, as within the 2 hours 17 minutes you will feel the Nordic chill on your bones.

It won’t be for everyone, but The Northman is Robert Eggers’ most accomplished film to date; I can’t wait to see what he does with Dracula.

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