Is this fan film the best origin story of Freddy Krueger?

For years, even before the ill-fated A Nightmare on Elm Street reboot, Fredheads still crave a definitive prequel/origin story of everyone’s favourite dream demon.

We have had one attempt within the original canon Elm Street universe, with the Tobe Hooper-directed opener of the Freddy’s Nightmares television series.

While interesting, and showing the trial of Freddy, it doesn’t delve too much into his life as an active child serial killer.

A fan film from 2015 attempted a different approach to the Krueger lore. The Confession of Fred Krueger, directed by Nathan Thomas Milliner, gives us a very grounded and twisted, more procedural approach to Krueger’s conviction.

Set during the 1970s we see a police officer attempting to interrogate a man called Fred Krueger. What we find though, is everything is not as it seems, as this man might not be Krueger and simply and twisted psycho with no real motive, and no real identity; which actually makes him more terrifying.

Playing Krueger very much like The Joker in the Dark Knight is a masterstroke and a far cry from the wise-cracking dream demon we got in later sequels.

Kevin Roach’s performance as Freddy is very unnerving, as he toys with the Springwood Police department.

But don’t take our word for it, check out The Confession of Fred Krueger below –

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