Let the Wrong One In review

Taking the mix of vampires and Irish wit and humour, Let The Wrong One In is a more satirical look at the vampiric lore.

We follow Matt, a young supermarket worker in Dublin, who gets caught up in a growing vamp problem in the city.

Things get even more tricky for the teenager, when his down and out, estranged brother Deco, becomes one of the undead.

Matt has to make the choice between his brother and the growing vampire endemic which is biting a whole in the city.

Let The Wrong One In, attempts to play with the tropes we all know of vampires and offer more humour than scares; and it largely succeeds.

We also get a fantastic turn from Buffy alumni Anthony Head, who is hamming it up as a local vampire hunter.

Because of the family connection, we get to see both sides of the story, as Deco struggles with his newly acquired undead status whilst also trying to get his former girlfriend to take him back.

As many reviewers have already pointed out, this would make a great double bill with the recent vamp feature Boys from County Hell, although the latter is far more visceral.

Let The Wrong One In, is more a comedy than a flat out horror, but its certainly an entertaining watch.

Look out for Let The Wrong One In, on VOD platforms soon.

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