Throwback monster feature The Prey: Legend of Karnoctus starts crowdfunder

The Prey: The Legend of Karnoctus, is a fun 80’s Style Action/Monster Film, now crowdfunding on Indie GoGo.

U.S. Soldiers on patrol in a war-torn Afghanistan become trapped in a cave after barely surviving a rebel ambush, as they search for a way out they are hunted down by a deadly creature the locals call KARNOCTUS!

THE PREY: LEGEND OF KARNOCTUS! directed by The Hensman Brothers, written by Matthew Qanon and Gustavo Sainz, from Lennexe Films and starring Nick Chinlund, Kevin Grevioux, Adrian Paul, and Danny Trejo.

Find out all the perks of the crowdfunder on Indie GoGo.

Watch a teaser trailer for The Prey: The Legend of Karnoctus below –

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