Whisper Down the Lane by Clay McLeod Chapman review

Sometimes it benefits readers going blind into reading a new novel – this isn’t the case with Whisper Down the Lane.

Given its basis on a true story, this would have made it more of a cohesive read (certainly early on).

We flit between two-time frames, a 5-year old who becomes involved in a satanic panic case at his school and Richard, a thirty-something who has recently married a woman who also has a young boy.

This makes for a jarring read given there doesn’t seem to be too much connective tissue until around halfway through the story.

From here on out Whispers Down The Lane becomes a really engrossing read and doesn’t hold back from going to some dark places.

As I say, do a little bit of background before you start and you will be guaranteed to really enjoy this story.

Whisper Down The Lane by Clay McLeod Chapman is available now from Quirk Books.

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