First footage of Halloween Ends debuts at CinemaCon

The first footage from Halloween Ends has debuted at Cinema Con at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.

Introduced by the original scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, who promised that this film will, ‘f*ck you up.’

The teaser features footage from the 1978 original plus kills from both Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills. It promises after 44 years, every scare, every slash – has led to this.

The only teases of new footage show The Shape stalking in a kitchen with a butcher knife, plus a brutal fight between Laurie and The Shape, where he throws her headfirst into a glass cabinet and she stabs him through the hand.

This teaser closes with Laurie standing over a fallen Michael Myers, knife in hand.

While there is minimal footage to gage opinions from, it seems clear that Halloween Ends will look to once again pit the two adversaries against each other directly, after Laurie largely sat Kills out in the hospital.

Will Laurie get her revenge for Karen’s murder? Or, will The Shape prevail and prove truly unkillable?

I guess we will find out on 14 October.

Halloween Ends is released in cinemas on 14 October 2022.

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