The Woman with Leopard Shoes (Grimmfest Easter) review

This French black and white thriller follows a man tasked with a burglary by a mysterious woman.

They communicate only through a mobile phone, and quickly his task becomes infinitely harder when a party is thrown in the house and he needs to complete his task whilst not getting caught.

Cue many tense sequences where he has to hide in all kinds of rooms, including under beds and behind doors in toilets. Shooting The Woman with Leopard Shoes gives the film a real touch of class plus its coupled with a fantastic jazz soundtrack.

It quickly becomes an engrossing mystery with a superb lead performance from Paul Bruchon, who is nuisanced and despite starting out committing a crime, becomes an oddly sympathetic character.

This film could easily have been made anytime in the last 50 years (with some tweaks) and feels like something that wouldn’t be out of place in Hitchcock’s filmography.

A truly effective and stylish thriller.

The Woman With Leopard Shoes screens as part of the virtual part of Grimmfest Easter.

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