The Family (Grimmfest Easter) review

Set in the 1800s, The Family just shows that you shouldn’t believe everything your elders tell you.

Right from the outset, we are teased about something more sinister afoot but is the evil implied closer to home?

The father of the ‘Family’ rules with an iron fist, with religion being beat over the heads of everyone who chooses to listen.

When his ‘son’ Caleb finally has enough of his tyrannic rule, he plots to take him down, but can he get the support he needs to overthrow him?

As relationships start to go south, The Family becomes unrelenting with some tough and violent scenes to bear.

Ultimately the film becomes more of a female empowerment feature, with a conclusion that is cathartic and will have some viewers punching the air.

The Family screens as part of Grimmfest Easter 2022.

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