Bring Out The Fear (Grimmfest Easter) review

Bring Out The Fear explores a couple very much on the rocks, who become lost in the woods.

The more we get into the story, the onion begins peeling we get the sense that they were at breaking point even before this trip.

It doesn’t help matters when the girl turns down a proposal, and we discover she had a previous affair, and her partner thought getting married would solve everything. Erm, wrong.

Once they have been lost for a considerable amount of time, paranoia sets in and the girl begins seeing things in the woods – are they real or a figment of her imagination?

The issue here is that both central characters are quite unlikeable and don’t endear themselves to the viewer which makes caring about their lives harder as a result.

The concept of Bring Out The Fear is far better than the execution.

Bring Out The Fear screens as part of Grimmfest Easter.

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