A Pure Place (Grimmfest Easter) review

A Pure Place deals with big themes, as we see what life is like on a Greek island ran by a cult.

The Head of the cult uses ‘magic’ to wow his disciples and keep them in check. Non-believers are whipped and are made to live underground. This is very much a rich and poor system, where undeniable loyalty is rewarded with apathy – remind you of someone’s recent premiership?

A Pure Place gives off similar vibes to Midsommar with its sun-baked setting and the fact its horrors play out in broad daylight.

It deals with the idea that a higher power is granted to those who inflict suffering all in the name of control and order.

There are nods to Nazism and the idea of cleansing your people of the unpure – its pretty dark stuff.

A Pure Place is engrossing and cathartic for anyone who feels held back by tyrannic rule and knows revolution can bring positive change. For we are many, indeed.

A Pure Place screens as part of Grimmfest Easter 2022.

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