What can we expect from X prequel Pearl?

Many horror fans were shocked to hear in the lead-up to Ti West’s throwback slasher X, that the director actually shot a prequel too.

Speaking on The Evolution of Horror podcast, West revealed that during the 2 week quarantine before filming began in New Zealand, he decided to use his time wisely and write and pitch the idea of Pearl to studio A24.

The studio accepted and X’s shoot suddenly became a double shoot, but when can we expect the tentatively titled Pearl?

Once the film was released it was also revealed that star Mia Goth portrayed both Maxine (one of the young adult stars) as well as the murderous Pearl. West has also revealed that Goth helped him to construct the narrative for the prequel.

One theory this viewer had whilst watching X, was that Pearl was an unwilling wife to Howard and had potentially been captured by him years before and she had become used to this abusive lifestyle, given how secluded the area was he lived.

You can also take into account the gender politics in potentially the 1950s or before, where women were treated as second class citizens.

There is also the unanswered question about the naked man hanging in Pearl and Howard’s basement. Was he an old victim they were torturing to satisfy their bloodlust before Maxine and co turned up?

West told Collider –

X is about the way this auteurist era of independent filmmaking is affecting people,” West explained. “Pearl is sort of about the old Hollywood way that affected people.”

One thing is for sure, if Pearl is anywhere near as wild as X, we are all in for a gore-filled treat.

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