X (2022) review

Good news the slasher film is alive and well.

With the recent box office successes of the returning Halloween and Scream franchises, it is always good to add something different to the mix.

And while X is a different kind of slasher film, it does retain some of the tropes that made the sub-genre so watchable and re-watchable to horror fans right up until present day.

We follow a group of young filmmakers who loan a cabin from an elderly couple in rural Texas, and go about producing an adult movie called the Farmer’s Daughter.

This is the crux of the first half of the film, as we get to know the cast and mysterious old couple who own the land. West lays the groundwork expertly with plenty of hints to what’s to come before a drop of blood is spilt.

There is a fantastic flip shot technique that West employs as we flit between two potentially important scenes, sometimes one more comedic and the other filled with dread; talk about mixed emotions.

Admittedly X does take its time to get going but once it hits stride its a gory rollercoaster with some fantastic performances, especially from Mia Goth and Scream alumni Jenna Ortega.

West borrows from the classics such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and drops in bits from the early Friday the 13th films, but ultimately X is very much its own beast.

The writer/director has already hinted at a prequel to X, and as the credits rolled I just thought – I really want to see that movie!

X is now showing in cinemas and screened at this year’s SXSW Film Festival.

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