My Bloody Valentine board game crowdfunder launched

A brand new crowdfunding campaign has been launched by Fright Rags for the board game adaptation of 80s slasher classic My Bloody Valentine.

Stop a crazed killer named Harry – dressed as a coal miner and wielding a pickaxe – from reaching the Valentine’s Day dance and killing everyone!

As Harry follows a specific path around the board to reach his destination, 1-4 Players move around the board in all directions collecting weapons, drawing cards, working around police road blocks, using the secret Mine Tunnel, and trying not to get their hearts ripped out of their chests in an effort to land on Harry’s space for a confrontation that either leaves them dead or winning the game by killing Harry!

​There is also an optional drinking game built into the board, and the game cards feature numerous screen grabs from the film to allow Players to experience the movie as they play!

​Five Stretch Goals unlock goodies that improve the quality of the packaging, and there are two optional Expansion Packs that bring even more fun and strategy to the game!

Support My Bloody Valentine: The Game on Kickstarter.

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