Pet Sematary II – The sequel I didn’t know I needed

I must admit that expectations were tapered going into the sequel to Mary Lambert’s classic adaptation of Pet Sematary.

The fact Lambert returned for what on the outside feels like an unnecessary follow-up, did put me at ease but didn’t prepare me for the rollercoaster ride I was in for.

In the lead role, we have Edward Furlong, who feels like he was dropped off straight from the set of Terminator 2. The fact his friend from T2, played by Jared Rushton, appears in this film too makes it feel like they came as a package.

We also have a young Clancy Brown, who far from his more dependable and mature performances in things such as Starship Troopers, is completely unhinged and swinging for the fences here.

Furlong’s Jeff and his father move to his late mother’s hometown, which also happens to be the home of the infamous Pet Sematary.

Lambert has already established the lore of the Sematary and its power, so is allowed more freedom to cut loose and have fun here. This feels like the rock n roll version of Pet Sematary.

Jeff feels like the Sematary will give him the opportunity to see his mum one more time, but he gets more than he bargained for.

We have zombies and zombie pets plus some wild sequences and some excellent practical effects.

Grab a couple of drinks, put your feet up and enjoy the absurdity of Pet Sematary II.

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