What can we expect from IT prequel ‘Welcome to Derry’?

As announced at Deadline, a prequel series to IT (Chapter One & Two), coined as ‘Welcome to Derry’ is in early development at HBO Max.

While there have been deviations from the mammoth book by Stephen King, but this will be a completely new take on the Pennywise legend.

Martha and Andy Muschietti are back on board for the project, which will help in terms of tone consistency with the two previous films. It is unknown at this stage if Bill Skarsgard will reprise his role as the killer clown Pennywise, but given the HBO Max platform, surely a substantial salary will convince him to don the makeup once again.

Jason Fuchs is on writing duties, with Andy Muschietti set to direct the first episode.

The series will be set in the 1960s, so we can expect a whole new cast to combat Pennywise plus there have been whispers of an origin story for the clown; which will either make or break the show.

We know in horror, less is more and overly explaining a villain’s origins can often demystify them and evaporate any fear they evoke.

The series is a no-brainer for HBO Max, given that the two films grossed over $1.1 billion at the worldwide box office and culturally Pennywise became the top horror villain with merchandise of all kinds appearing on shelves since.

The biggest question besides, Skarsgard’s involvement will be if King himself will actively be involved in crafting a new tale set in Derry?

I guess we will find out in the coming months.

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