Support Christmas horror comedy Up on the Housetop

Independent Christmas horror comedy Up on the Housetop is now crowdfunding on IndieGoGo.

When a family of adult siblings accidentally kill Santa in a home invasion gone wrong, they must survive Christmas Eve night against Santa’s nine killer reindeer, hellbent on REVENGE.

Co-director Dakota Millett said:

“Making films takes a lot of time and money. But we are passionate about horror and this project. 100% of the funds raised on this campaign will go towards the production of this film. This crowdfunding process will compensate crew, build sets, fabricate our reindeer and Special FX, cover studio rental time, compose music, and all around allow us to maintain control through the entire filming, editing and distribution journey.

“Furthermore it is our intention to continue working on this project after its completion. By creating a captivating short, we can show larger studios and more seasoned producers what we are capable of on a smaller scale so that we can develop the story into a full length feature film! We have already peaked the interests of some of those potential collaborators, so we know that a feature is possible.”

You can support Up on the Housetop on IndieGoGo.

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