Atmospheric horror short Lydia’s Fall needs your support

Atmospheric horror short Lydia’s Fall is now running a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.

LYDIA’S FALL follows a teen girl who is hosting a “haunt” for her town on Halloween Night. Things quickly take a dark and bloody turn.

It is a stylish, atmospheric horror short made by young horror fans.

Filmmaker Hope Muehlbauer said:

“With this short film we are influenced by suspenseful, dark dramas like ENTER THE VOID, and visually striking horror classics such as SUSPIRIA. We are aiming to capture their stylish visuals and intensity with a more modern, teen horror twist. But do not worry, we will be giving you all of the blood and guts of a NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET film.”

You can support Lydia’s Fall on IndieGoGo.

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