Still time to support queer horror Bad Girl Boogey

There are just over 24 hours to support the Australian queer horror feature Bad Girl Boogey.

BAD GIRL BOOGEY is a new queer slasher by Alice Maio Mackay and the team that made the award-winning queer coming-of-age vampire film SO VAM.

Twelve years ago, Angel’s mother was one of the victims of a killing spree by the wearer of an ancient parasitic mask that empowers the unleashes the hatred of all who wear it. As a teen in the last days of high school, Angel and their friends struggle to find their place in a world that rejects them.

When the mask is found and the killings start again, Angel must overcome all that stands in the way of finding out who or what the masked killer is, and stopping them before they lose another of their found family to the violence of hate.

BAD GIRL BOOGEY features a guest voice-over performance by Bill Moseley, star of Rob Zombie films like THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, HALLOWEEN and 3 FROM HELL.

You can support Bad Girl Boogey on IndieGoGo.

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