Retro horror-comedy Chicken Surprise now crowdfunding

There are just over 2 weeks to support retro horror comedy Chicken Surprise on IndieGoGo.

Chicken Surprise is a horror-comedy monster movie in the style of classic horror flicks from decades past.

Carter is a shy movie theatre clerk who gets set up for a date by his coworker, Aria. Later on his way home, Carter buys a packaged meal of chicken fingers from the local corner market, where he meets a strange man working the till.

That night, Carter is rocked by ass-annihilating gastrointestinal carnage! And the emergence of an egg; inside, a strange creature, which he names Xavier. Xavier quickly grows, and feeds even quicker! On the eve of his big date, Carter struggles to keep the beast in check — and the girl from being eaten alive!

Writer/Director Connor Nyhan said:

“We are making this film for those of you who love classic camp horror. And for us, because we’re fans too! We have a passionate team, and we’re dedicated to finishing what we start. With the majority of filming out of the way, we need your help to make this thing even more awesome as we take it to the finish line.”

You can support Chicken Surprise on IndieGoGo.

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