Moshari (SXSW) review

Moshari offers a bold world view and a fresh take on the vampire lore that is downright chilling.

We follow sisters Ayra and Apu, two of the residents of a small south Asian village, who have to get back to their home before dark.

Through a bellowing tannoy played out across the village, we find out that the Western world is gone, and the East only survives in poverty by staying under the mosquito (moshari) nets through the night to keep out bloodthirsty vampires.

Director Nuhash Humayun gives enough exposition with the sisterly relationship, alluding to darker moments in their past before getting to the scares.

Our vampires are a beast-like creatures that hunts the villages in search of broken mosquito nets to find fresh blood.

The scares are expertly timed, with some downright chilling shots interdispersed amongst frames that drip with tension.

A deserved winner of the Jury Prize at SXSW 2022.

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