Night of the Demon (1980) review

It has been whispered about in slasher circles for years, and now sasquatch slasher Night of the Demon is getting the special treatment.

I for one hadn’t seen this infamous slasher and despite being over 40 years old, if you buy into the truly bonkers plot it is plenty of fun.

Night of the Demon doesn’t hold back on the gore, with some truly brutal scenes including the notorious death of a random biker. The practical effects are excellent and feel plucked out of the vintage catalogue of Tom Savini.

The film chooses a chaotic narrative structure, telling the story of a survivor of our sasquatch who retells his story, and we seem to flit to random death scenes (in some cases) when they feel the plot lags.

Without pulling any punches, the acting is pretty dreadful but this only adds to its charm as you get the feeling everyone who signed up to this knows what film they are in.

Our sasquatch is an interesting character, given its almost justified bloodlust, until it sexually assaults an innocent woman in a rather harrowing scene, which throws any sympathy out the window.

While some slashers feel like a one-time watch due to their nasty nature, Night of the Demon feels like it has rewatchability given its loose and gory rollercoaster plus the fact it truly has buckets of ambition, even when it slightly misfires.

If you haven’t seen it before, Night of the Demon could become a quick favourite with hardcore fans guaranteed to pick this one up.

Night of the Demon is available on Blu Ray now from 88 Films and Severin Films.

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