Don’t Go In The House (1979) review

There is always time to resurrect long-lost slashers and introduce them to a new audience.

While Don’t Go In The House might not have been at the top of many people’s list for must-own, it is certainly one of the films of the golden slasher era, with plenty to say.

Much like Maniac and New Year’s Evil, it is often lumped together with the Friday the 13th and Halloween clones of the time, but Dont Go In The House is more of a character study, and a slow and vicious descent to madness.

Despite its slower pace, it does have a real nasty streak; let’s face it, our killer burns his victims to death.

Given the modus operandum is fire, the film, despite its low budget, actually showcases impressive practical effects.

Filmed in New Jersey, Don’t Go In The House also features a fantastic location, the Strauss Mansion which feels as classical as the Bates home in Psycho, and almost feels like a character on its own. Almost as if it entraps our antagonist Donny, given his dark past where his mother punished him by burning him.

By not leaving this house, like Norman Bates, he is constantly haunted by his mother’s spirit and it only adds to his increasing insanity.

Nihilistic and downright nasty, Don’t Go In The House may be once seen but not forgotten in a while.

Don’t Go In The House is available now on Blu Ray from Arrow Video

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