LGBTQIA+ horror The Intricacies of Post-Shooting Etiquette set to start filming

LGBTQIA+ revenge horror The Intricacies of Post-Shooting Etiquette is set to start filming on 27 March in Glasgow.

The Intricacies of Post-Shooting Etiquette is a film based on a short story by acclaimed writer Brian Evenson.

It follows Kohke, a man who shoots his partner, Bein in the back of the head but instead of killing him, merely blinds and paralysed him and now Kohke must be his full-time carer. Kohke can’t understand why Bein didn’t report his betrayal to the police, he wonders why anyone believed it was an accident and he spends all day out of the house, neglecting to clean, move or even look at Bein. As the pair try to adjust to their new life together, Kohke becomes suspicious that Bein is somehow faking his diagnoses and it becomes clear that only one of them will survive this new living situation- but who will it be?

Director Rhianonne Stone commented,

“I first read the story while living in Portugal and trying to recover from a very painful break-up and was struck by the absolute horror of it. Evenson writes incredible stories about horrors you didn’t realise you should be scared of- having to live with the monster you created in yourself or others created in you, the extreme horror of other people and being the last human left alive after machines stitched you together from the corpses they found. Out of all of his works, I ravenously read I saw this film so clearly in my head and I am so excited to bring it to life!

“I have made over 60 short films in my short career but this is by far my biggest production yet, I want to take all I’ve learned on Warner Bros and Vogue productions and make this horror polished, creepy and deeply, deliciously disturbing. No one ever really talks about it or lets themselves think it, but I think we’ve all felt trapped by our partners, we’ve all felt like not taking care of them, and maybe even some of us have considered killing them. The film hopes to continue on in the legacy of great breakup horror movies like Midsommar (2019) and Invisible Man (2020) with all the disturbing cinematography of Possum (2018) and the cold tone of Let the Right One In (2008). It’s a queer horror that hopes to reclaim the gay monster. Characters like Buffalo Bill or Norman Bates were framed as queer because they were evil as if the two were inextricably linked, but in this movie, the monsters are evil people who just happen to be queer. 

After my decade in working in the fashion industry, I of course had to design this movie in painstaking detail to ensure every scene told an even deeper story, and it is my great hope that the film festivals will recognise its importance and I hope to make a few people look at their partners a little differently.”

The Intricacies of Post-Shooting Etiquette is set for its premiere in June/July 2022.

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