The Requin (aka From Below) review

Admittedly the mix of a shark attack movie with a recognisable face such as Alicia Silverstone is on the surface enticing; From Below aka The Requin feels too limited to be entertaining.

The filmmakers were clearly working with limited resources outside of Silverstone’s casting, which show up pretty badly during the endless finale.

The plot follows a couple, recovering from the stillbirth of their child, decide to go on a tropical getaway, where they stay in a luxury shack just off the coast. During an awful storm, they are blown out to sea, and with blood in the water, well you can guess the rest to a point.

The threat of the sharks does take some time to materialise, but in this time we get a truly unhinged performance from Silverstone, which to a point you can understand given the situation her character finds herself in, but at the same time it is laughable when its meant to be serious.

As a traditionalist, I have always had an issue with poor CGI sharks, but the sharks of The Requin are a whole new type of artificial. The moments when we see them less and there is the implied threat work the best, but these are few and far between.

The Requin much the same as last year’s Great White has a great premise but it is just poorly executed. The number of times Silverstone’s character blacks out beggars belief. It’s almost like you could play a game, to take a shot every time she passes out.

The finale does attempt to salvage the story, introducing some gore, but again the CGI backgrounds stand out like a sore thumb alongside the CGI shark; it’s almost a shark movie that felt made entirely on a computer.

Sadly The Requin aka From Below is one to be missed.

The Requin is now available on VOD platforms.

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