New documentary announced for Jaws 2

A group of young filmmakers have set out to tell the story of the making of Jaws 2 in their unique retrospective “Back In The Water”.

The film takes us to Navarre Beach, Florida and surrounding areas in 1977 when Universal made it home to Jaws 2’s production.

Rather than focus on how the movie was made from a Hollywood perspective, “Back In The Water” puts the stories of everyday locals front and centre.

The result is a stunning mosaic about how the experience left a lasting impression on this quiet beach community.

“The Panhandle is such a vibrant place full of people who are proud of their home,” Producer Savana Morie said, “It’s exciting to take our professional skills and use them to give something back.”

The project is still in its pre-production phase with filming set for the end of April 2022.

As they continue to fundraise and seek media and production partnerships, they are also still looking for people who would like to make their story heard. Anyone with memories they’d like to share is more than welcome to contact their production office – info@backinthewatermovie.com

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