It All Began With a Scream by Padraic Maroney review

It’s hard to believe that a warts and all book telling the tale of the Scream movies has never been produced, up until this point.

Author Padraic Maroney’s chronicle takes us from the genesis of ‘Scary Movie’ right through to Scream 4, with a dash of Cursed thrown in for good measure.

Maroney’s research is meticulous and a handful of key players, including Jamie Kennedy and Patrick Lussier, help to fill in the blanks from behind the scenes.

There are countless anecdotes from the productions plus many tales of the late great Wes Craven, that really give you an insight into the human being behind the director.

I cannot count the number of times this book made me smile, making it a must-read for all Ghostface fans.

The timing couldn’t be better to grab yourself a copy of It All Began With A Scream, as it will only make you more eager to see Scream (2022) in theatres.

It All Began With A Scream by Padraic Maroney is now available from BearManor Media.

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