The Office Is Mine (short) review

Office politics can be a bitch.

For workforces who have worked together for a number of years establish different ‘characters’, that become staples inside their goldfish bowl.

The Office Is Mine (written and directed by Michael Varrati), sees Zac, the token gay person of the office threatened by the arrival of Tristan, who he feels is stealing his throne in the office.

He conveys his paranoia to his partner Owen, who seems to talk him down but by the next day, Zac is at boiling point and is considering his next move.

The first thing to say is that although it has a handful of brutal moments, The Office Is Mine is extremely funny, mainly due to the performance of Ben Baur, as Zac, who flits between over the top camp and straight-up catty bitch. The balance of horror and comedy works really, and its lighter tone helps make the horror more jarring.

As this is a short film, it doesn’t mess around, although you can see the scenario where this plot could easily be stretched across a feature run time.

The Office Is Mine is now available to watch on Dekkoo.

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