Indie horror ‘Doctor Deathface: A Man and His Carnivorous Bed’ now crowdfunding

Gory indie horror feature Doctor Deathface: A Man and His Carnivorous Bed, directed by Michael Keene, is now crowdfunding on IndieGoGo.

Doctor Deathface is an agoraphobic sex therapist and divorcee who’s having a bit of a weird time. He’s been hearing things, seeing things that just aren’t there. He’s having bizarre nightmares filled with BDSM babes and supernatural spectacle.

Strange men are showing up outside his house. It’s all a little much. Then, one night, his nightmare-induced sweat seeps into his mattress and creates… a BEDGINA.

And of course, it eats people. Soon, Doctor Deathface discovers that he has a new purpose in life, one that will finally get him out of the house… and into murder!

You can support Doctor Deathface now on IndieGoGo.

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