What lessons can the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre learn from TC3D and Leatherface?

We have recently got our first look at Sally Hardesty, returning for legacy sequel Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which is set for Netflix on 18th February 2022.

Given the critical reception both Texas Chainsaw3D (2013) and prequel Leatherface (2017) both received, what does this new sequel have to do to succeed?

The first positive is that it is sawing the fat of previous sequels, prequels and remakes (although I am a fan of the 2003 reboot and its prequel), and carving its own path.

Secondly, it is taking the route of Halloween and Scream, and introducing original characters back to audiences with Sally coming back for the first time in the series. Sally looks set to be this series’ Laurie Strode, a vengeful survivor of the original attack in 1973.

The risky part is the time gap, which will see ‘old man’ Leatherface, which has left some fans scratching their heads to how menacing an old man potentially moving a slow speed could be with a chainsaw. This argument has also been levelled at Michael Myers in the latest Halloween trilogy, given the character is 61 years old but still as agile, it seems, as a 21 year old.

The other risk is the plot strand that suggests we will initially be getting a domesticated Leatherface, who will be triggered to resume his killing spree by our new teen cast. Does putting Leatherface into a domestic environment nullify his threat too much?

On the plus side, the film is streaming on Netflix which given the delicate state of cinemas during the pandemic across the world, could make smart business sense, as if viewing figures are good it could help generate interest in future sequels (on a budget of course).

Given the recent announcement of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre video game from Gun Media, interest in the franchise is clearly higher than it has been in years, so if this sequel delivers, Leatherface could climb towards the top of the horror mountain once again.

What do you think of the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Will it be one of the best Texas Chainsaw sequels? Let us know in the comments.

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