Hail to the Deadites review

The Evil Dead franchise is now over 40 years old, but it continues to endure, with television series, remakes and computer games keeping the brand alive.

This documentary, Hail To The Deadites focuses on the fandom that has followed the series around for these past 4 decades.

It is as much about the idea of fandom and how that has changed in these years, as much as it is about the legacy of Ash and actor Bruce Campbell, who is fascinated and perhaps exhausted at times with the appetite of the fans for more Evil Dead content.

We even get to hear from one fan who named his baby after Ash, in a story that will bring even the most restrained fan to get something in their eye.

What sets it apart from a standard documentary, is showing how the Evil Dead community have come together from screenings around the world to conventions, plus one wholly dedicated to the franchise.

Hail to the Deadites does lack a straightforward narrative journey, but it is made with so much love that it will win over even the most moderate fan of Evil Dead.

This isn’t the all-encompassing deep dive into the films but rather the community they have created and why they continue to endure and demand new adventures for Ash and the Deadites.

An essential watch for Evil Dead fans, but won’t garner much attention outside of the established fanbase.

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