Getting to know the new characters of Scream (2022)

We are just over ten days away from a brand new Scream movie!

While we are delighted to see Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette returning for a fifth-round with Ghostface, what do we know about the new cast?

Here is a breakdown of the new characters –

Samantha Carpenter – The sister of Tara, who is suspected of being one of Ghostface’s early victims according to the trailer.

Tara Carpenter – Tara looks set to feature in a modernised take on the infamous opening scene of Scream, starring Drew Barrymore. Chances of survival look quite slim, barring any major surprises.

Amber Freeman – Amber, according to early casting calls, is the former girlfriend of Tara bringing so much needed LGBT representation to the Scream series.

Wes Hicks – Wes is the teenage son of the new Sheriff Judy Hicks returning from Scream 4. Does his connection to a returning character give him plot armour or make him a prime suspect? Only time will tell.

Chad Meeks-Martin – Another obvious connection to the original cast, Chad is the nephew of Randy Meeks, and potentially the son of Randy’s sister Martha who was last seen in Scream 3. Chad, as established in promotional clips is a high school football player and is also attacked at one stage by Ghostface, but will he survive?

Mindy Meeks-Martin – The same as Chad, Mindy is the niece of Randy and could also be Martha’s daughter. Will the big twist be that Ghostface is a relative of an OG character this time around?

Liv McKenzie – In what is considered quite a tentative connection, Liv is rumoured to be the daughter of the McKenzie’s, who Mrs Becker is urged to go to in the opening of Scream (1996).

Vince Schneider – Vince is the only new character who didn’t receive a ‘character’ poster as part of the promotional campaign, which has fans wondering if he will be the new killer. He has no immediate connection to the original cast but could be related to one of the killer’s from the other Scream sequels. We have seen in the trailer that he has an encounter with Ghostface, but perhaps he survives or it’s a rouse to throw the police off his scent?

Richie Kirsch – Another character shrouded in mystery is Richie, with the only information being released that he is the boyfriend of potential early Ghostface victim Sam. Could he be just another psychotic boyfriend or Derek 2.0 from Scream 2?

As the ensemble poster states, the killer is on this artwork, meaning our killer or killers could be one of these characters or could an OG have gone full psycho? I guess we will find out on 14th January 2022.

What do you think about the new characters for Scream (2022), let us know in the comments.

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