Jenn Nangle talks ‘Malvolia’ Season 5

Nothing quite resonates with the Halloween season quite like Malvolia – The Queen of Screams.

We caught up with the lady behind the magic Jen Nangle to discuss the upcoming 5th season, coming to YouTube soon plus her role in the upcoming 10/31 Part 3.

What can you tell us about Malvolia Season 5?
It starts airing on October 19th! I wanted to be a little more playful this season! Last season was too serious… Too dark. This year, I hope to have some laughs with lots of gorey bloodshed!

How has the show evolved since the last season?
Hmm… I don’t know how to answer this. I still have a lot of the same faces and my OG crew from Season One are still by my side… I’ve been more prepared?! I shot a lot of things early so I wouldn’t be frantically editing… I feel stronger than I ever have before. I’m also not looking for perfection. I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason and we always work with what we have instead of trying to control what happens. Accidents and mistakes make art. This season I have a “name” for the Thankskilling episode – so we are growing!

How challenging has the pandemic made filming this current season?
It hasn’t, luckily. Everyone is vaccinated. My Cast and Crew are very respectful towards one another. When we are told to have masks on, we do. Now money is where the challenge is! There’s never enough!

What films or events have you drawn inspiration from when crafting season 5?
Nothing has really moved me or inspired me in quite some time. Everything came from the darkness in my head. Real situations that irked me. I did watch a couple of Rod Sperling’s intros from “The Twilight Zone” to move one episode.

Do you feel this is your best work to date?
No. I can always do better. I always work with what I have, so sometimes my creativity is limited. I feel that Season 2 Malvolia: the Queen of Screams Presents: A Halloween Special. I had SO much fun writing that script. The location really influenced me. Even though it was an abandoned Animal Shelter, I imagined it as an old mental asylum. Bringing all those characters together to tell that kooky story was so much fun. Still my favorite!

You are also an extremely busy genre actor, can you tell us what you have got in the pipeline?
I’m so excited that “Hell of the Screaming Undead” with director Dustin Ferguson will be releasing soon! It was one of the best times I’ve had on set in a very long time and getting to work with Robert Mukes, Traci Burr, Erik Anthony Russo, and Ken May was a blast! I really enjoyed how it all came together! I also brought on actor/writer Gregory Blair to write a feature film for me. He took my ideas and created a story that I have only dreamt about! We hope to start working on that project early 2022!

Are you excited about the release of 10/31 Part 3?
Always! It’s always an honor to be asked back by a creator or filmmaker. And now we’re onto Number 3! I must be doing something right! And I always love the stories the filmmakers create! Some of the scary creatures they’ve come up with are terrifying!

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