Chucky 1×02 review

If the first episode of Don Mancini’s Chucky series laid the groundwork, episode 2 feels like an indication of where the story could head.

In the fallout from last week, Jake is now living with his aunt and uncle alongside the (not so) secretly killer doll Chucky.

Here we see Chucky really get his claws into Jake’s mind whilst also showing some of the hallmarks of his now deceased father. While Chucky may seem like an advocate for Jake and an LGBT+ ally, he is clearly using the kid for his own nefarious means. Very much the doll becoming the puppy master.

The masterstroke of this episode is setting it around Halloween, as Jake is invited to a party by potential love interest Devon, but Chucky might be coming along for the ride.

The standout sequence is Chucky trick or treating on the streets of Hackensack, and putting a razor blade in a ladies candy, harking back to something from Charles Lee Ray’s childhood.

Again they don’t dwell on Ray’s past in the town, and instead sprinkle hints to a wider plot which will surely be explored as the series develops.

The best part about the Chucky series so far is that it is clearly having so much fun, with Easter eggs for the Uber fans and a straightforward killer doll plot strand for the newcomers.

Roll on next week!

Chucky is screening every week on SyFy.

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