Eerie Earfuls – Haunted Sounds of Halloween Night review

From Lonely Spectre Productions comes a Halloween audio soundtrack/play that is a great listen on a cold, dark spooky night.

Mixed with songs that recall classics such as The Monster Mash, the producers also construct an ongoing narrative as a group of teens try to navigate their way through Halloween and get out alive.

Director Haley certainly throws the kitchen sink of All Hallows Eve tropes at the speaker, with werewolves, ghosts, witches plus a vintage quality that all fans of the season will appreciate.

What makes this so intriguing and something you will want to listen to in full every time is how effortlessly the story evolves into so many different Halloween-themed scenarios. Think Tales of Halloween in audio format.

A personal favourite song-wise is Skeleton Graveyard Ballyhoo, which feels plucked straight out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Directed and narrated by Brendan Haley (Poltergays), the voice cast includes genre creatives Michael Varrati (The Midnight Mass podcast), Joshua Tonks (The Latent Image), Tiffany Shepis (Victor Crowley), Danny Plotner (What’s Left Inside) , BJ Colangelo (Deathcember) plus some music from The Sounds of Halloween creator Sean Keller.

If you are after some a bit different for your Halloween party this year, Eerie Earfuls should be your first port of call.

Order your copy of Eerie Earfuls Vol I: Haunted Sounds of Halloween Night from Bandcamp today.

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