What’s Left Inside review (Soho Horror Film Festival: Pride Edition)

Genre creative Michael Varrati is back with some lockdown commentary that is strikingly different in tone from his previous effort, the award winning Unusual Attachment.

Broken up with on the eve of a global lockdown, Max finds the subsequent solitude to be almost more than he can bear.

Arguably ‘What’s Left Inside’ shows more depth to Varrati’s filmmaking, with this short being much more sombre in tone and just as stylish as ‘Attachment’.

The central performance from Danny Plotner is excellent and you really feel the character beats and the heartache he is feeling. Andrew J Caperley’s score is also superb and ambitious and feels befitting a blockbuster with its scope.

Ultimately, What’s Left Inside shows us that loneliness as well as ghosts from the past can also be a killer.

What’s Left Inside screens as part of the Soho Horror Film Festival: Pride Edition.


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