The Latent Image review


During Alexander Birrell’s The Latent Image one character states,

“You will never make any money writing about this stuff.”

Almost like a metaphor for freelance writing and its detractors.

The Latent Image follows a young writer (Joshua Tonks) who decides to isolate himself in a cabin, while trying to finish his latest story when an unexpected stranger appears in the night.

The story itself has a nice slow burn quality, with winks to classics such as Carrie. Birrell really manages to capture the isolation of the situation and doesn’t rush the story or succumb to cheesy chase scene tropes.

When you think there could be a confrontation, the words said are more powerful than actions, with the viewer allowed to make up their mind about what is going on.

It may feel like we have seen some of The Latent Image before, but it has enough fresh twist to make it a great watch.

The Latent Image is available to view now on Dekkoo.

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