Malignant (2021) review

From little to no promotion outside of its trailer, James Wan’s return to the horror genre following Aquaman has become the most talked about genre film of the year.

Wan’s presence was sorely missed in the uneven The Conjuring 3 earlier this year, so it is good to see him back and doing what he does best – and in this case whatever the hell he wants!

Malignant is a bonkers rollercoaster ride that feels like multiple crazy ideas spliced together, but it is this which makes the film so compelling.

Wan has always been a master at timing the jump scare but here he also goes back to his Saw does and gets downright nasty at times but also whilst having a ball.

It is hard to explain the plot of Malignant without giving away significant spoilers but the central plot surrounds Madison, who begins having very visceral waking dreams that we find out are becoming part of reality.

Other than some of its colour scheme, the comparisons to the Giallo are hard to maintain, whereas this is more a supernatural crime thriller with a little bit of a slasher thrown in for good measure.

Also, the look of the killer is certainly set to become iconic amongst genre fans who will no doubt be clambering for replica of their weapon too.

Switch off your brain and enjoy quite possibly the most bonkers horror feature of 2021.

Malignant is now screening in cinemas across the UK.

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