You Have To Kill Me selected as closer for Kaohsiung Film Festival

Taiwanese crime thriller You Have To Kill Me has been selected as the closing film of the KAOHSIUNG Film Festival 2021.

Police officer CHOU was about to proposal to his girlfriend: CHEN. He then received a homicide case report and followed it to the mountain area. Sadly, he found out that the deceased one was his girlfriend.

Even though he was devastated, he tried his best and arrested the murderer: LI later. However, from LI’s confession, CHOU found out that CHEN has voluntarily let LI kill her?! Why did LI and CHEN go on a murderous journey together? Or, did CHEN commit suicide by herself?

When this case fell into a stalemate, the family, who came to identify the corpse, told CHOU that the corpse was not CHEN at all, but a woman named LIN.

Shockingly, no one knew why LIN would pretend to be CHEN and fool CHOU and everyone else? Longing to know the truth, CHOU decided to come forward and finally found the real lady: CHEN.

Sadly, CHEN was killed by LI, the murderer of these two similar cases, again before CHOU discovered her body.

During the final stage of investigation, CHOU realized that the two homicide cases were related to a heart transplantation four years ago. It was that transplantation that involved with LIN, CHEN, and LI altogether.

Mysteries struck one after another, and everything CHOU has understood and believed was gradually destroyed by this cruel reality. He tried to clarify the truth about this transplantation and those homicide cases, why did LIN and CHEN, two females voluntarily let LI kill them one after another?

How much ultimate truth was there between the three of them? Could CHOU handle it?

Watch the trailer for You Have to Kill Me below –

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