Marcel Walz talks ‘Pretty Boy’ and beyond

After the international premiere of Pretty Boy at Arrow Video Frightfest, Bloody Flicks caught up with director Marcel Walz to talk all about his slasher series and future projects.

‘Pretty Boy’ had its International Premiere at Arrow Video FrightFest. What can horror fans expect from the movie?

Yes we’re very happy and proud to be a part of one of the biggest genre festivals in the world, the whole team behind FrigthFest it is just amazing. Well Pretty Boy is definitely different than BLIND! It’s a funny 80s styled horror slasher with a lot of balloons, pinks and BLOOD!

Tonally ‘Pretty Boy’ is quite different to ‘Blind’ and it’s much darker. Why did you decide to change things up for this film?

Yes “PRETTY BOY” is different than “BLIND”, but that was the our plan from the beginning on, if we get a chance to continue the story of Pretty boy and Faye! The plan we had for BLIND was to shoot a slow burn 70s Giallo Horror, our goal for PRETTY BOY was to create a classic styled 80s Slasher with a super dark tonal shift for the final act! If we get a chance to make a sequel or prequel, we wanna continue the road to the 90s Horror and/ or the late 2000s

The first half of ‘Pretty Boy’, in particular, pays homage to the classic stalk and slash horrors of the 70s and 80s. How do you come up with those inventive death scenes and how difficult are they to pull off?

Joe Knetter (Writer) and I had so much fun with it. We already talked about ideas and kills for the sequel on the set of BLIND (thank god we got the chance to make it), but Joe came up with most of the kills.
Some of our actors loved shooting the death scenes so much, it really was a lot of fun and our special fx man Joe Castro did an amazing job! They are Bloody, gory and the most important part of it- no CGI!
One side note: I finally got the chance to realize one of my favorite kills (which I had in my mind for years… Well that sounds weird right?) I can’t tell which one it is, but it freaking hurts just watching it!

Jed Rowen who plays Pretty Boy has to communicate a lot using just his body language as his face is obscured. What was he like to work with and what was your experience like directing him?

Jed is amazing and great to work with!
He really brought PRETTY BOY to live and it wasn’t easy! It’s not just a guy in a mask, he speaks without talking and he walks and moves without seeing lol. It was really hard for him to see trough the mask but he did an amazing job, specially in PRETTY BOY, he had way more work to do in the sequel than in BLIND, and definitely more people to kill! He gave him so much life and heart, which is not easy, specially for someone who just killed more than 10 people in one night!

Sarah French is back in this film reprising the role of Faye. You put her through even more hell this time around and it must have been demanding on her. How did you help get her through the shoot and make her comfortable?

The first day on set with Sarah was very intense and emotional, for all of us, even for Joe lol. Sarah is an actress who puts a lot of heart and emotions in her roles and I know that her character in BLIND and PRETTY BOY was something very special for her and her character Faye grew with her so much over the last 2 years that she started crying on her first day on set. I know that sounds dramatic, but we all had a tears in our eyes that day. BLIND was a small movie but it was something special for us and that’s what is important!
Directing Sarah again in her role as Faye was an honor and it’s always a pleasure to work with her and see her growing as an actress and as a human!

Where did the inspiration for the Pretty Boy costume come from?

My inspiration for Pretty boys look was “the perfect face”! Blond hair, blue eyes, a clean look, Everything what he wanted to be- like Barbie and Ken! We told Ken Hall (The Strangers) what we want and he created that creepy version of a Ken doll!

Without giving too much away, it feels like there could be more story to tell with some of these characters. Is that something you’ve given thought to?

Well, yes! I can’t say to much about our plans, but yes we have some great ideas to continue the storyline of some characters from PRETTY BOY 🥂

What projects do you have coming up?

We’re in early preproduction for and project and I’m really excited about it! Sadly I can’t say much about it but it will be very dark und brutal!


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