No Man Of God (Frightfest 2021) review

While it may feel like we have been beaten over the head with films and documentaries about serial killer Ted Bundy, No Man Of God might be the best one yet.

While Joe Berlinger’s Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile felt quite polished, No Man Of God is a bit more gritty and really digs its claws into the viewer.

The story is pitched at Bundy already incarcerated, being interviewed by new criminal profiler Bill Hagmeier before he is executed with the hope of one final confession.

Firstly, the two central performances from Elijah Wood as Bill and Luke Kirby as Bundy are truly magnetic and really carry the movie. Robert Patrick is an able boss for Bill, adding some gravitas to proceedings.

The way Bundy tries to manipulate Bill while keeping his ‘nice guy’ facade is so haunting and becomes quite scary when the mask slips, even just for a second. Amber Sealey really captures the narcissism of Bundy’s horrifying psyche and its only when he is cornered that we see a glimpse of the mindset he was in when committing the horrific crimes.

The stakes are raised when Bundy is given 7 days before getting the chair, giving Bill limited time for the confession.

True crime will lap up No Man Of God, and while we all know how it ends because of how deep it cuts you will be thinking about it for a time afterwards.

No Man Of God screened as part of Arrow Video Frightfest 2021.

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