The Last Thing Mary Saw review (Frightfest 2021)

Set in 1843, The Last Thing Mary Saw sees us follow the titular character as she accused of sinful behaviour after the death of the matriarch of her family.

From here she is interrogated and tortured so the rabid townsfolk can uncover the truth – but is the truth something far more sinister?

First things, first, this film looks simply gorgeous and oozes dread, perfectly capturing the mood and the mindset of many Americans who were fearful of other forces that could jeopardise their utopia’s.

What this story apart from other similar tales is having an LGBT romance at the heart of it, as Mary attempts to keep her love for another woman a secret.

While there is a slow burn quality to the film, it sprinkles in striking imagery and shifts gears effortlessly when required.

Fans of supernatural and folk horror will lap up this film.

The Last Thing Mary Saw screened at Arrow Video Frightfest 2021.

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