Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes review (Frightfest 2021)

Kevin Kopacka’s Dawn Breaks Behind The Eyes starts with a very 70s gothic horror style, following Dieter and Margot who take on a mansion/castle that may have a few secrets in store.

At first it feels very much like a serious take on parts of the Beetlejuice mythos, as the couple of haunted by the spirits of the house.

Strange occurrences happen in the day and at night, with a black cat and bats around surely they are doomed! Well maybe not, the film takes a drastic detour around the midpoint and becomes a largely different animal, which could derail some viewers expectations.

Dawn Breaks Behind The Eyes goes to some outlandish and trippy places, and if you can survive the narrative flip there is plenty to admire here.

Dawn Breaks Behind The Eyes screened as part of Arrow Video Frightfest 2021.

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