‘Howl’ set for VOD release on 15th June

Little Red Riding Hood is reimagined in a true avant-garde style in ‘Howl’, coming to digital download on 15th June 2021.

Dulcina, a young woman with a dark past is confined to a sanitarium after trying to hurt herself.

Against her doctors’ advice, Dulcina leaves to watch over her grandmother’s house, a remote cabin in the middle of a frightening forest.

As she travels through the forest, her journey takes a twisted turn, and Dulcina loses her grasp as the lines between what is real and what is not are blurred.

When a mysterious man shows up, the once timid and fearful Dulcina gains strength she’s never had before. Soon she embraces the animal that has lain dormant inside her and faces the choice of becoming a victim or wolf.

Howl is written and directed by Michele Martin. The film stars Michele Martin as “Dulcina,” Kenny Johnson (Bates Motel, Sons of Anarchy) as “Levy” and Scott Hamm (Cobra Kai) as “Ulf.” Charles Huddleston (Blue) serves as Producer, and Clay Epstein as Executive Producer.

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